The team at Livescale is shaking up the world of e-commerce in remarkable ways (immersive, interactive and integrated shopping experiences that connect seamlessly with your current e-commerce platform – your community can shop without leaving your live!)

We are so excited to be joining the revolution as one of their official production partners.

As producers, we can help elevate your livestream (visually with showboards, graphics and pre-recorded videos & creatively with content planning and execution.) We will bring our trademark focus on storytelling, consistent branding and FUN to all projects in this space.

Plus, as always, we’ll take care of all the nitty gritty technical details.

We’ve partnered with Livescale because we both truly believe that storytelling sells and that communicating live is always better. Do you want to unlock awareness, engagement and sales through shoppable live video?

Send us a quick email and let’s start working together!